Median Family Income

For the Year

Per Capita Personal Income, Median Family Income, Median Household Income


1. Total income/Total population 2. Median family income 3. Median household income

A Caution Regarding Standard Errors for the American Community Survey (2005 Data)

When interpreting the American Community Survey data, please understand that there are statistical errors associated with them as there are with any sample survey. The standard errors and 90 percent confidence intervals are provided in the data tab for each measure provided. Also, charts displaying the errors and confidence intervals for each of the variables and a technical document describing the data provided by the ACS are provided in the Special Analyses section of the website. These errors do not apply to the decennial census data provided for the years 1990 and 2000.


U.S. Census Bureau, Summary File 3.

Data Availability/Discussion

Data are reported for 1990 and 2000.