Preparation for College:
High ACT and SAT Scores (80th Percentile and Above) Per 1,000 High School Graduates

For the Year

High ACT/SAT Scores Per 1,000 High School Graduates


(The number of SAT Math and Verbal Scores 1200 and above + ACT Composite Scores 26 and above) per 1,000 high school graduates


SAT. The College Board. "2001 SAT V+M Score Bands Report," unpublished data

ACT. "Number of 2001 High School Graduates with ACT Composite Scores of 26 or Higher," unpublished analysis, Iowa City, Iowa

High School Graduates. Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education. Knocking at the College Door: Projections of High School Graduates by State and Race/Ethnicity 1996-2012. Boulder, C0

Data Availability/Discussion

Data are reported for 1999 and 2001. See Measuring Up: The State-By-State Higher Education Report Card for more details about sources and calculations:

This metric does not account for students who take both the ACT and SAT.