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Enrollment of 25 to 49 Year Olds as a Percent of 25 to 49 Year Olds with No Bachelors Degree or Higher

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Undergraduate Enrollment of Adults Age 25 to 49 as a Percent of 25 to 49 Year Olds without a Bachelors' Degree or Higher

Why is this measure important?

This is a primary measure of the participation rates of non-traditional students in postsecondary education. It reflects the commitment of the state and its citizens to life-long learning, and the degree to which older adults pursue educational opportunities.

What policy issues are associated with it?

States that perform well on this measure have higher proportions of their older (non-traditional age) residents participating in college. This measure also is influenced, in part, by the accessibility of programs that accommodate the lifestyles of older adults.