Preparation for College:
High ACT and SAT Scores (80th Percentile and Above) Per 1,000 High School Graduates

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High ACT and SAT Scores Per 1,000 High School Graduates

Why is this important?

ACT and SAT scores are commonly used measures of students' preparation for college. While not the only predictor of preparation, students who score high on these tests typically perform at higher levels in college. This measure is the combined number of ACT Composite scores at or above 26 and SAT Combined Verbal and Math Scores at or above 1200 (approximately the top 20th percentile for each test) per 1,000 high school graduates. The reason for combining the two tests is that in some states more students take the ACT and in others more take the SAT. Therefore, calculating average scores is not appropriate.

What are the policy implications?

States that score high on this measure produce more high school graduates who are highly prepared for college. ACT and SAT scores have been correlated with success in college at all levels (less remediation, higher retention rates, higher GPAs, higher graduation rates, etc.).

Other factors to consider:

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