College Participation Rates:
College-Going Rates of High School Graduates - Directly from High School

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College-Going Rates of High School Graduates

Why is this important?

This is a measure for the percentage of high school graduates who attend college anywhere in the US the following fall semester.

What are the policy implications?

The direct transition to college from high school is easier to address than non-traditional enrollment. Most postsecondary institutions are quite sophisticated in recruiting high school seniors. However, the issues of affordability and disparities of college-going patterns across counties and regions are what states usually grapple with. While the data are not available here, it is useful to look within the state of interest to compare college-going rates across counties, ethnicities, etc. to detect where problems are more severe.

Other factors to consider:

This measures traditional college-going behavior. Therefore, it is useful to look at other measures of participation.

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