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Total Educational Revenues Per Full-Time Equivalent Student

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Total Education Revenues Per Full-Time Equivalent Student


Total higher education revenues (educational appropriations for public higher education and tuition revenues)/full-time equivalent enrollment. Full-time equivalents are based on annual instructional activity as reported to SHEEO and exclude enrollments in public medical, osteopathy, dental, and veterinary schools. The revenues per student adjusted for inflation, state cost of living, and public system enrollment mix are correct as displayed. Slight differences between the manual calculations and values displayed on the website are due to rounding.


State Higher Education Executive Officers (SHEEO) http://www.sheeo. org

Data Availability/Discussion

Data are available for 1990-91 to the most recent year available. Detailed spreadsheets are also available in the "Special Analyses" section of this website.

For a copy of the most recent State Higher Education Finance Report go to http://www.sheeo. org.