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State New Economy Index

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State New Economy Index

Why is this important?

This is a measure of the competitiveness of state's economy. It is an index score calculated by the Progressive Policy Institute based on a variety of indicators that measure types of employment and industries, education levels of the workforce, investment and opportunities in the high tech industry, and other related factors.

What are the policy implications?

A vibrant economy provides more high paying jobs for college graduates and attracts college graduates from other states. In turn, a postsecondary education system that generates high levels of external funding for research, is responsive to employer and community needs, and attracts top-notch faculty, helps to generate and maintain a vibrant economy.

Other factors to consider:

Percent Employment in Managerial and Professional Occupations

Percent Employment in Professional, Education, Health, and Social Service Industries

Adults with a Bachelor's Degree or Higher

Adults with a Graduate or Professional Degree

Research and Development Expenditures

The individual measures that are used to generate the New Economy Index are not presented on the interactive portion of this website because of the large number of data elements. Click below to access the spreadsheets with this detailed information. For even more detail, visit the Progressive Policy Institute.

State New Economy Index 1999 and 2002 - Individual Measures

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